We will not be meeting until further notice in order to protect our students and youth volunteers. 


Ignite Youth is proud to partner with

Centershot: Making Christ the target of our lives!

We start off the year with Centershot archery and we will continue the rest of the school year digging further into God's Word, teaching 5th-6th graders to be Christ followers. 

New this year! We have joined our Middle School and High School ministries on Wednesday nights. Together, we worship, learn and play! The group breaks into small groups for age appropriate discussion. We are excited about what God is doing in and through our pre-teens and teens. 


 5th-8th grade students will develop life long relationships and skills as we help parents and care givers prepare their children for Middle & High School. 

Wednesday nights in the BAC Gym 6-8:00 pm. 

Contact Pastor Trevor for more details!