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Our names are Josh Franks and Clint Bieri, and we are the co-founders of the LEAD Program. As we continue to lay foundation for greater kingdom advancement in The Alliance, one element of the foundation that we need to enhance is in the area of ministry preparation and education options for non-traditional students and ministry practitioners. We have more and more men and women who are responding to the call of God in both vocation and volunteer arenas. Some who are pursuing vocational ministry are unable to meet our very important educational requirements in Bible and Theology (30 hours) so the need is simple – develop better, quicker, more affordable, local training.

LEAD is a two-and-a-half year leadership journey that fulfills all educational requirements for accreditation in the Central District and will set you on a path to be a leader in your local church and the kingdom of God. We would like you to consider whether or not LEAD might be a good option for you and we wanted to let you know that LEAD provides a local, effective, approved, and transformational means for acquiring the basic ministry skills needed to radically reorient one’s life to intentionally and aggressively advance the kingdom. We believe LEAD would be a great fit to give you the tools you need to gain strength as a leader.

We wanted you to know that we are now enrolling students for the 2019-20 cohorts that will begin in January of 2019. These cohorts will meet according to geographical region or online in a virtual meeting environment. The tuition cost of the LEAD program is $2,400 per year, plus $150 for books, $175 for conferences and the cost of an overseas missions trip, which you will fundraise ($2200-$3200). Applications must be received by November 15th to be included in the January 2019 launch of a LEAD Cohort.

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If you need to talk more about the LEAD program, please give Josh a call at (740) 326-0055 or give Clint a call at (937) 416-0479.

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We know that God has great things in store for your leadership journey. We would love to travel with you! Clint Bieri & Josh Franks LEAD Executive Directors