Rev. Trevor Morris
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West Virginian's for Life

Vote Your Conscience: Stop taxpayer funded abortions!

The Legislators of West Virginia are giving you, the people, the responsibility of voting to stop state taxpayer dollars from going to pay for electie abortions. You will have the opportunity to vote your conscience on the abortion issue. 

West Virginia is currently one of only 17 states that pays for abortions with the taxpayers' money. You have paid $10 million dollars for 35,000 abortions over the years. This is horrendous and it is time to to stop it!

Now is the time. You must go to vote on November 6.

Christians cannot continue to be a party to killing of so many innocent unborn babies.  Be a part of this HISTORY CHANGING moment in WV!

Not registered to vote? Visit by Oct 16th deadline. 

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